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 All submissions by: "Vehbi Neziri"

Lotto n of mVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 11/1/2011Downloads: 1534
Lotto n of m.

Synchronization possibilities and features in C#Version: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 11/1/2011Downloads: 1593
Multitasking, which means doing many things at the same time (of course, this is something relative, because the processor executes given tasks in parallel so it makes us think that they are executing simultaneously) is one of the most fundamental concept ...more>>

Adding with threadsVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 1829
Adding of integers using four threads.

Client Server ChatVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 4405
Chat using TCP/IP and sockets (Client/Server)

Async NET RemotingVersion: C#
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 2111
Async NET remoting.

Naive Bayes algorithmVersion: VB 2008
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 2870
Naive Bayes algorithm.

K-Nearest Neighbor algorithmVersion: VB 2008
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 3638
K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm.

Simulated Annealing algorithm Version: VB 2005
Author: Vehbi NeziriSubmitted: 6/28/2011Downloads: 2779
The purpose of the program is the implementation of Simulated Annealing algorithm.
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