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 All submissions by: "Vankani Nilesh k"

Downloading email from pop3 server without winsockVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Vankani Nilesh kSubmitted: 7/11/2005Downloads: 11789
I gave yo the source code for your use...this is the usefull code for downloading email from the POP3 server. In my frist submition i gave the code and i get so many mails about that and all friends compalin that thay want project source i make y ...more>>

WordwrapVersion: VB5
Author: Vankani Nilesh KSubmitted: 2/23/2005Downloads: 5211
This is a wordwrap project. We sometimes face the problem in vb that we cannot print properly if text is longer than our document width. So this is the project to solve this Problem. If any suggetions Pls send me mail.
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