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 All submissions by: "Syed Irtaza Ali"

SQL Server Stress TestVersion: VB6
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 3/15/2005Downloads: 6201
This application uses SQL DMO to connect to SQL Server, create a temporary table and insert 100,000 records in a continuous loop until the user clicks the stop button. It also lists all the SQL Servers in the network along with the selected server li ...more>>

How to hide controls using VBScriptVersion: ASP
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 18554
You could use tags to hide controls within your ASP page by using VBScript.

Using Reflection.Assembly to Load FormsVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 25992
=============================================== This code sample is going to make your day. The scenario where this code could be quite helpful is where you are fetching a form name from the database and would like to open that form by passing the name ...more>>

C#: Equivalent of Select Case Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 110345
C#: Equivalent of Select Case You were imagining how could Microsoft forget the Select Case feature in C#. Well it didn't. But to use such a feature the syntax is a slightly different. Refer this link for detailed information: ...more>>

VS.NET: How to remove Recent Projects Version: VB.NET 2003
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 22354
VS.NET: How do I remove the Recent Projects So you want to remove projects from the 'Start Page' of the Visual Studio IDE. Here is how you can do it in just 15 seconds.

Specified Web Server not running ASP.NET 1.1Version: ASP.NET 1.1
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 22235
ASP.NET: Visual Studio .NET has detected that the specified Web Server is not running ASP.NET 1.1 Recently, a colleague of mine installed VS.NET 2003, and eagerly started developing a new ASP.NET web application and received the message: "Visual St ...more>>

SQL: Filter between dates using a stored procedureVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 2/14/2005Views: 23653
SQL Server: Filter between dates using a stored procedure. This procedure lets you filter between dates using a date criteria.

Round Up and Round Down in VBVersion: VB3
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 7/23/2004Views: 108574
Two simple functions that are not found in VB. Suppose you have a number '3.376'. Now when you will use the RoundUp function you will get the result as '4.0'. By using RoundDown function the result would be '3.0'. However, for .NET you could use the ...more>>

Layout Planner v2.0Version: VB5
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 7/10/2004Downloads: 6705
Introduction ============= Being free on weekends and having nothing to work on, thought to use my spare time in building something that eventually might help others :) So decided to carry on with the Layout Planner version 1.0 and now I have upload ...more>>

Layout Planner v1.0 - Easy Page PlanningVersion: VB6
Author: Syed Irtaza AliSubmitted: 4/7/2004Downloads: 5528
A good program for printers who can plan their item pages on print sheets. Booklet option is disabled, but Normal print to view with Swing option can be easily done. Select Pre-defined Page sizes for Print sheet and Item sheet. Have the option for Dou ...more>>
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