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 All submissions by: "Sukalyan Chakraborty"

Search CD/DVDVersion: VB6
Author: Sukalyan ChakrabortySubmitted: 5/1/2005Downloads: 3941
This is a music CD/DVD ardhive software which can be used for future reference - like when you remember a song but forgot in which CD/DVD it is you can search it easily. Please read the ReadMe.txt file for configuration You can add, edit, delete CD/DVD ...more>>

ASPMyAdmin For SQL ServerVersion: ASP
Author: Sukalyan ChakrabortySubmitted: 4/14/2005Downloads: 11134
ASPMyAdmin is a SQL Server front end aimed to develop it into a full featured SQL Server web front end in future for free usage. Please send your comments, feedback, bug reports and suggestions so that I can make it a good usable free software. I am de ...more>>
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