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 All submissions by: "NBS Solutions"

Working with LBound and UBoundVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 6/12/2004Views: 16146
This is a example of how to manipulate the LBound and UBound properties of a control array.

Use SendMessage to undo textbox entriesVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 5313
Use the SendMessage to utilize the Undo of a textbox.

Add arrows to Command buttonsVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 5663
Add arrows to Command buttons without Image files.

Access the internet within your VB CodeVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 7553
Access the internet from within your VB Code.

Change system short date formatVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/30/2004Downloads: 8690
Change your system short date format - Running this code will change your system date format without warning.

Get number of days of a calendar monthVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/29/2004Downloads: 6470
Simple application which gets the number of days in a calendar month.

Use arrow and enter keys to shift focusVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/29/2004Downloads: 5050
Use the keyboard keys (arrows and enter) to move focus from one control to the next.

Open a password protected Access DBVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/27/2004Views: 15150
How to open a password protected access database using ADO.

First Character to UppercaseVersion: VB5
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/18/2004Downloads: 4937
Make every character of every word in a textbox to upercase on lost focus.

Filtering duplicates from listboxVersion: VB6
Author: NBS SolutionsSubmitted: 5/6/2004Downloads: 4362
Filtering duplicates from list box with code at runtime. Generating unique values using randomize. Working with the status bar and progressbar, and working with the static var
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