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 All submissions by: "Metaferia"

Process KillerVersion: VB6
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 12/29/2006Downloads: 3790
This will kill any process that is running on your computer. If there is a .dll or .ocx file missing please let me know I will upload it.

Icon EditorVersion: VB6
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 12/28/2006Downloads: 5641
This is a program I made with a lot of tools to edit any icon and even create a new icon. Just check it.

Reveal Internet Explorer Web Page PasswordsVersion: VB6
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 11/5/2006Downloads: 4034
This utility reveals the passwords behind the asterisks in the Internet Explorer windows. (version 5.x and above only) It scans all opened Internet Explorer windows on your system, and reveals the passwords behind the asterisks in all password-boxes tha ...more>>

23 usefull CodesVersion: VB6
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 11/2/2006Views: 28908
You can get 23 usefull codes that you will need almost any time.

Database SearcherVersion: VB 2005
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 10/30/2006Views: 63620
This code will search into the database for the text you wrote and show the result in the datagrid view. it's very usefull you have to check it.

Show the Current User and Computer nameVersion: VB 2005
Author: MetaferiaSubmitted: 10/21/2006Downloads: 8886
This is a very simple program that will show you the current computer and user account name.
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