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 All submissions by: "MacLeod Broad"

midReturnVersion: VB.NET 2003
Author: MacLeod BroadSubmitted: 2/8/2008Views: 9956
Return the substring between two strings. For Example: the phrase "The cow likes to eat green grass in the field." midReturn("to eat "," grass", ""The cow likes to eat green grass in the field.") Would return "green"

ReplaceLineVersion: VB6
Author: MacLeod BroadSubmitted: 1/15/2008Views: 8758
Replaces a single line of a file. Perfect for making changes to ini files, cfg files, text files, etc... If the file is empty it returns Error 62 and if the line number you want to replace is out of bounds then it returns Error 32202. Usage example: Cal ...more>>
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