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 All submissions by: "Josh Simmons"

Maturity CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/8/2006Downloads: 5018
This application computes the maturity value of an investment based on quarterly compounding.

Sales Tax ComputationVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/7/2006Downloads: 9968
This application computes sales tax by allowing the user to enter the amount of the customers order excluding tax, and then displaying that amount without tax, the tax, and the total including tax. The application is currently set to compute at 4% tax.

Employee Payroll CalculationVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/6/2006Downloads: 18277
This application computes an employee's weekly pay based on a standard salary plus overtime pay. Overtime pay is computed as 5% of weekly pay multiplied by the number of overtime hours worked.

Currency ConverterVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/5/2006Downloads: 10366
This application converts the value of U.S. dollars to euros and pounds, based on changing currency exchange rates.

Olsen Realty - Commision CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/3/2006Downloads: 4029
Realty commission calculator using NumericUpDown control.

Pacific Realty - Commision CalculatorVersion: VB.NET 2002
Author: Josh SimmonsSubmitted: 10/2/2006Downloads: 3537
Realty commission calculator using TrackBar control.
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