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 All submissions by: "Gaurav Arora"

Gaurav Progress BarVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 3/21/2005Downloads: 5445
This is a progress bar as available with MS Common Control 6.0.

Save Image to DatabaseVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 11/29/2003Downloads: 11597
Shows how to save images to database file. You will need to set the path to the database file on your computer.

Personal CalendarVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 11/26/2003Downloads: 8166
A personal calendar. Can display dates for past and future years.

Image PreviewVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 10/17/2003Downloads: 6956
This project describes how to control an Image Box/Picture Box on a form and scroll these in specified area. This is the second version of Image Preview. It is very much similiar to the first version, the difference is only that it works like an Image ...more>>

Address BookVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 10/12/2003Downloads: 7027
This program is an address book designed to simplify my purchase dept.'s address storage problem.

Tax Declaration Calci1.09Version: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 10/9/2003Downloads: 5356
The project solves a taxasion problem. It calculates tax and prepares Tax Declaration Form in Excel.

File OperationsVersion: VB6
Author: Gaurav AroraSubmitted: 9/25/2003Downloads: 5046
This small operation is an answer to question by Mr. Surinder Singh from Nangal Dam (Pb.) about viewing picture file available on system and other operations. I applied my best efforts to this tiny file. If one of you will find any bug please mail me. Kee ...more>>
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