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 All submissions by: "Feky"

Lightspeed IP ScannerVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 2/3/2007Downloads: 9896
A quiet fast IP scanner that allows you to set the range of IPs/ports you want to scan and connection timeout.

Click MadnessVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 9/2/2006Downloads: 3428
Click as many times as you can on the green image in 20 seconds. The program will rate your score and show you a message.

Port ScannerVersion: VB6
Author: FekySubmitted: 7/31/2006Downloads: 8534
Use the Port Scanner to scan for open ports on a computer you specify by IP address. The maximum port number is 65536 and the minimum is 0. If the scanner reaches the maximum number of ports,it will stop.
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