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 All submissions by: "Farooq Hassan"

Number to StringVersion: VB3
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 10/13/2004Downloads: 5918
Convert number to string 1=one 2=two ........ up to a trillion.

VB BrowserVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 6/2/2004Downloads: 5313
Multiple browser navigators under one MDI form. Maximum of 100 navigators can be opened.

Turbo Tic Tac ToeVersion: VB6
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 5/18/2004Downloads: 4183
Turbo Tic-Tac-Toe minimax algorithm implementation.

inet FTP operationsVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 4/21/2004Downloads: 13799
This is a sample Inet FTP project showing how we can perform FTP operations through inet Control. This project performs inet FTP operations example PUT, GET, DIR, MKDIR, RMDIR, RENAME, DELETE, CD, CDUP.

MouseTrapVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 1/16/2004Downloads: 4875
MouseTrap is a utility for win98 security. Traps the mouse on starts of windows and releases it after verifying username and password. Initially you have to create an account from properties to work.

Chat + file sending optionsVersion: VB5
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 9/17/2003Downloads: 10707
This project demonstrates how we can send file to the remote computer from the client to the server and server to the client and chat option using winsock activex.

Encryption AlgorithmVersion: VB3
Author: Farooq HassanSubmitted: 9/15/2003Downloads: 8889
Use this algorithm for encryption and decryption of plain text. This algorithm can be compared with any powerful algorithm.
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