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 All submissions by: "Emmery Chrisco"

Complete Text Editor ControlVersion: VB 2013
Author: Emmery ChriscoSubmitted: 11/3/2014Downloads: 2943
This is a richtextbox replacement that is fully featured. It does formatting, handles links, printing, spellchecking, text to speech, dictation, insert images, insert tables, and way more...

Flash CardsVersion: VB 2005
Author: Emmery ChriscoSubmitted: 12/1/2010Downloads: 5560
A little program for your elementary child(ren) k-?... My child's teacher keeps sending home "site words" for us to show her one at a time while she says the word on it. I got tired of juggling index cards and made this program. I hope it comes in usefu ...more>>

SorterVersion: VB 2005
Author: Emmery ChriscoSubmitted: 12/1/2010Downloads: 2879
This is a drag-n-drop list file sorter. Drag a file onto the icon of this program and it will sort the contents of the file alphabetically. You can also open a file via dialog after opening the program by double-clicking on it's icon. Demonstrates ...more>>
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