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 All submissions by: "Dewang"

Sending Array through Socket Server CodeVersion: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 4206
This App is used to Get the Data through Socket -- Server Side.

Data Sending through Socket -- Client SideVersion: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 4877
The App help to Send the array type data through Socket to the Server or other Client.

Sending the Files to IP Address Version: C#
Author: DewangSubmitted: 3/29/2007Downloads: 8173
This helps to send and Receive file to particular IP Address (Client and Server Side Script).

How to work with Text filesVersion: VB 2005
Author: DewangSubmitted: 7/12/2006Views: 101699
Shows how to work with Text files.
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