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 All submissions by: "Darshan Vyas"

Backup Tool For MS Access for PC drive & NetworkVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan vyasSubmitted: 11/9/2005Downloads: 6059
Backup on native and on Network ' 'similar code was submitted by Mr.H . Bhatnagar ' ' I would like thank him for the code submitted on 'I made made changes to his code and summitting the enhanced version ' ------------------------ ...more>>

Search Accelerator client-server applicationVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 6475
increases searching speed on network and finds file on network it done as a final year prject for BE program so any suggetion then pls mail at my mail id

Search Accelerator client versionVersion: VB6
Author: Darshan VyasSubmitted: 3/25/2005Downloads: 4591
This is the client version of search accelerator u can use it when u want to find the files on the network by installing client and server version of search accelerator mail me for any suggestions and if you can value it then i would be grate ful to you m ...more>>
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