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 All submissions by: "Danilo Priore"

Priore Sessions-DBVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Downloads: 6720
A simple way to use the ASP Session variabiles without Session Object and without Cookies.

Priore ASP CalendarVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Downloads: 7741
With this ASP + Javascript source code for IE 5.x able to show a popup calendar to select one date in your web pages.

Send email with CDO e GMailVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/5/2006Views: 84577
Send an email with your GMail account and CDO Components.

Priore PayPal ASP ProceduresVersion: ASP
Author: Danilo PrioreSubmitted: 3/11/2005Downloads: 7869
A simple way how to use the PayPal automation service for the payments and save customer data in to database. This code is written in ASP and distributed under the GNU General Public License which means that its source code is freely-distributed and avai ...more>>
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