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 All submissions by: "D.Shanmuga Sundaram"

Magic SquareVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 2/13/2006Downloads: 5524
This program is a small example to calculate the sum of rows and columns. The sum of values in the rows, columns, diagonals will be the same. This program is created by me for just a time pass.

Employee Management/Leave Entry SystemVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 8/1/2005Downloads: 20268
This program is created to store the employees details and to calculate the no of leaves the employee made. All the leave details will be stored in a database.

Auto shutdownVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 7/12/2005Downloads: 10352
This program will automatically shutdown when the time is mentioned. The time should be in HH.MM.SS Format. If you are satisfied with this program Please mail me ur comments. Expecting your comments

CD Drive Open/close in Visual BasicVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 6/18/2005Downloads: 9417
One of my friends Cd-drive did not work properly to open and close the drive door. The open/close drive button had a problem itseems. So I decided to write a program which can open and close the drive automatically with the help of windows api. Here it is ...more>>

ExcelloaderVersion: VB6
Author: D.SHANMUGA SUNDARAMSubmitted: 5/23/2005Downloads: 6734
This excelloader program in visual basic is written in such a way to load excel and automatically insert the sheets selected. The user should select the sheets from the file name box. The visual basic program will automatically load the particular exce ...more>>

Mailmerging in Vb with Ms wordVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 5/18/2005Downloads: 6868
This Mailmerger program in visual basic is written in such a way to load Msword and automatically insert the fields from the databases. The user should select the database and then the table from the database. The visual basic program will automatical ...more>>

Mark Processing SystemVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 12/26/2004Downloads: 13125
Entering marks for educational institutions requires concentration and maintining it in papers is difficult process.But this software is designed in such a way not making teachers to use calculators and pen to do their work. I worked with this softwar ...more>>

Time Table DeveloperVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 12/26/2004Downloads: 18085
This time table software was a challenge to me. For many days I did not get a clear idea how to develop this software. While Browsing in the net I came across one time tabler software (not with source code ) and tried with it.But in vain. Its many featur ...more>>

Personal AssistantVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 10/9/2004Downloads: 11152
This is particularly designed for company owners who own a company and want to have their employee details, their suppliers details, their savings in banks, their withdrawls from banks, payments made to their clients etc. The login info is, Usernam ...more>>

Fee Management SystemVersion: VB6
Author: D.Shanmuga SundaramSubmitted: 3/9/2004Downloads: 18379
This Fees Management System (which will be much useful for the institutions which involves in processing of fees) is a Software which is created using the Microsoft Flexgrid, and MSHFlexgrid (Different from the others which I have used in my Software bef ...more>>
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