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 All submissions by: "Crossface"

WireframeVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/25/2004Downloads: 7368
3D wireframe modeller, all VB, no external libraries. Easily create your own models.

Dragon FractalVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/25/2004Downloads: 3885
Creates the dragon fractal. Spectrum coloring option inclded.

Key Stroke AdvancedVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/22/2004Downloads: 9007
This application monitors key strokes and compares them against a keyword list (kw.txt). If any keyword is typed it takes a screenshot, records username and 100 keystrokes before and after typing the word. It has a separate administrator log, detailing a ...more>>

Ghost WriterVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/13/2004Downloads: 4649
Allows a user to type a string of text and start a hidden a countdown timer. At the chosen time Notepad will open and begin to type your message ghost-fashion across the screen.

Screen hijackVersion: VB6
Author: CrossfaceSubmitted: 10/13/2004Downloads: 4460
User sets a countdown timer and selects an image from their computer (some included), and a display-duration. Once set, the application hides. At the prescribed time, the image will fill the screen for the chosen length of time. The application can run a ...more>>

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