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 All submissions by: "Bill Perkett"

Mario GameVersion: VB 2010
Author: Bill PerkettSubmitted: 4/7/2018Downloads: 4049
Mario simple game where you collect the all stars to go to the next level.

Lite Brite4Version: VB 2015
Author: Bill PerkettSubmitted: 2/16/2018Downloads: 1554
This is a lite brite game. You can Click a color then click on the board to paint or you can click "X" to auto color as the mouse moves over the board. To save a picture hit "Z" then enter a name in the text box and hit ENTER. You can also 1 - Clear 2 - T ...more>>

Apple Maze BuilderVersion: VB 2010
Author: Bill PerkettSubmitted: 3/5/2013Downloads: 2539
Build your own mazes. This game uses a picture array to allow you to create different exciting levels.

Quest2Version: VB6
Author: Bill PerkettSubmitted: 9/22/2005Downloads: 6556
Quest2 is a complete rpg game. Users can play the game or easily create their own game. Quest Game The object of the game is to solve different quests. Includes 1) Easy map making, 2)Improved speech and Ability to use items As you read signs or talk to pe ...more>>

GraphVersion: VB6
Author: bill PerkettSubmitted: 8/4/2004Downloads: 8362
Will graph almost any data and limits that you supply. Can review each point and display the data in excel. Also calculates summary data. The form can easily be added to any project.

Turtle GameVersion: VB5
Author: bill PerkettSubmitted: 7/28/2004Downloads: 4381
This is like the old turtle game where you enter a command and the program will then draw something.

Code ExamplesVersion: VB6
Author: bill perkettSubmitted: 11/21/2003Downloads: 5987
This program has various useful code examples.
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