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 All submissions by: "Arjun Arora"

Syncronize files between 2 foldersVersion: C# 2010
Author: Arjun AroraSubmitted: 3/11/2013Downloads: 2320
This application synchronizes the files between the folders selected by user. It is in c# 2010 with some system.IO library functions. Its not an complete app but still it will throw some basic idea of sync operation.

CalculatorVersion: C#
Author: ArJun AroraSubmitted: 12/26/2011Downloads: 2898
It's a standard calculator, same as windows. It's in 2010.

Alarm ClockVersion: VB 2010
Author: ArJun AroraSubmitted: 12/15/2011Downloads: 3860
Unzip it and copy this whole folder in ur "c:\" drive. Two modes are there 1.quick alarm, 2. manual. A good application to know about picture box, timers and many other controls... hope it will help beginners :)
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