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 All submissions by: "Salah F. Saleh"

My TextboxVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/2/2004Downloads: 7883
VB.NET windows control library that inherits from the text box control. It is a new version of text box that contains methods for searching within its text.

UpDownLeftRightVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/2/2004Downloads: 7064
VB.NET windows control library that contains a text box, a vertical scrollbar and a horizontal scrollbar. The scrollbars change the value in the text box with different values.

ClockVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/2/2004Downloads: 6956
VB.NET windows control library that acts as a clock.

Notify IconVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/1/2004Downloads: 6903
Simple VB.NET application for notify icon with context menu.

Class Object With EventsVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/1/2004Downloads: 5546
A VB.NET class that is supported with events. The program create a class named LIST and support it with the appropriate members (properties, methods, and events).

Tree View (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/1/2004Downloads: 11953
VB.NET application that demonstrates the use of treeview object.

Multimedia and MS AgentVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/1/2004Downloads: 8944
VB.NET application uses three types of multimedia controls. Also, it demonstrates the use of MS Agent.

Multiple Document Interface NotepadVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 4/29/2004Downloads: 6963
MDI Notepad that looks like the windows notepad with the property of MDI. It is a VB.NET program.

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