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 All submissions by: "Salah F. Saleh"

Moving Pictures Screen SaverVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 6/17/2004Downloads: 15939
This program is a moving picture screen saver. It moves simultaneously a set of pictures over a black window. Those pictures are not conventional rectangular pictures. They are a set of different shapes. I used a user defined picture called it moving pict ...more>>

Light Spot Screen SaverVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 6/17/2004Downloads: 11739
Light Spot is a small and easy screen saver. It is a light spot moving over a black screen. This spot displays a circle of the previous screen. It is easy to program.

Form ShapesVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/22/2004Downloads: 14210
With this program, you can select your window form shape. You can select Heart, Ring, or Elliptic shape for you form. In VB.NET, it is easy to change your window form with simple instructions.

GraphicsVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/21/2004Downloads: 10931
This program demonstrates the graphics capabilities of .NET framework. The program draws Star, polygons, Diamonds, Circles, and other entities as the user select.

Phone BookVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/19/2004Downloads: 16809
PhoneBook is a .NET program that demonstrates database access. With this application you can add, remove, and update records in the phone book database. The database is designed in MS Access but you can easily use MS SQL Server. Download it and enjoy.

SQL ExecuterVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/16/2004Downloads: 10222
SQL Excecuter is a .NET application that allows the user to execute any SQL command. These commands include select, insert, update, and delete. It uses a database design in MS Access. The database "phonebook" contains two tables; phonebook and groups.

Elliptic and Transparent FormVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/11/2004Downloads: 10766
A VB.NET Program that has an elliptic form with a transparent background. VB.NET Allows you to confogure your form with any shape that is a collection of regions. The program is designed in the VS.NET 2003.

Button Control Object (VB.NET)Version: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/9/2004Downloads: 11675
VB.NET windows control object that is a new style of buttons (oval). This button can be colored with a gradient colors from the starting color to ending color with a specified coloring angle.

Thread SynchronizationVersion: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/2/2004Downloads: 6920
VB.NET demonstrates the synchronization with multithreaded program.

Bouncing Ball (Threads)Version: VB.NET
Author: Salah F. SalehSubmitted: 5/2/2004Downloads: 7103
VB.NET application demonstrates the multithreading capabilities of VB.NET with the user defined windows control library. Balls vacillate concurrently.
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